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Leaders have the power to help or hurt thus a great responsibility comes with the role of being a leader. Since most people will be an influence in the lives of others (e.g. as a parent, coach, employer, instructor, friend, other) you will likely find yourself in a leadership role and in a position to impact the world as you impact others. Making an ongoing investment in your leadership acumen is an important step towards helping others. myLEADERSHIPu™ exists to serve the developmental needs of growing leaders by providing a safe and collaborative learning environment where participants are virtually connected via phone and web conferencing. Leadership classes meet once per week for 60 minutes using a curriculum from a variety of sources that is compartmentalized into 4 week units. Participants can move through curriculum at their own pace providing the freedom to take none, one or more classes in any given month. Expected outcomes include:


  • Increased understanding of the leader’s role
  • Increased understanding of self and your ability to lead
  • Increased understanding of a leadership culture – what it looks like, sounds like, feels like
  • Increased ability to discern an organization’s leadership culture
  • Increased ability to discern your potential leadership impact in an organization
  • Increased ability to connect with and serve non-profit organizations in a leadership capacity (e.g. connector, committee member, board member)

    Participants are strongly encouraged to join myLEADERSHIPu™ via the Sponsorship Program as a means for developing a value added, bi-directional relationship with an organization that serves the world in alignment with your interests and values, that offers growing opportunities to leverage your leadership influence through the organization, and that provides subsidized participation in myLEADERSHIPu™ studies. The list of myLEADERSHIPu™ sponsors is growing so Contact Us to request the current list of sponsorship participants, for class, registration, and fee information, or for any other information you would like to receive.


    Curriculum Studies:

    myLEADERSHIPu™ provides a wide range of curriculum studies designed to enhance personal leadership ability. The list of studies below represents approximately 2 years of weekly lessons and uses John Maxwell’s, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership as the entry point for the journey. Curriculum Studies include:

  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (author John Maxwell)
  • Leadership Academy (author Bobb Biehl)
  • Necessary Endings (by Henry Cloud)
  • Policy Governance™ (author John Carver)
  • The 5 levels of Leadership (author John Maxwell)
  • Much more to come!

    Contact us for more information.