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Leadership Focus

How do you use your time as a leader?

Leaders who are inward focused spend time, they are tactical, they react, they erode trust, and they are consumed with self. Leaders who are outward focused invest time, they are strategic, they cast vision and plan, they build trust, and they are consumed with others.

Who is helping you stay focused?

Leadership Idols

When does a good thing become a bad thing?

Leaders who cling to things (even good things) at the expense of the future create organizational idols that can be impossible to overcome. Good things could be processes, technology and even people. Contributors to these idols can be fear, pride, selfishness and even complacency.

Who is helping you avoid these harmful traps?

Leadership Culture

What does your culture smell like?

Like the smell of fresh baked bread a culture can be easily discerned. Leaders create and reinforce culture with every word, every action, everyday. Leaders are either building up or tearing down. Is trust high or low? Is morale high or low? Are problems avoided or solved?

Who is watching that you lead by example?

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